Mary Beth and David are the real deal. David is a pastor and travels around the world teaching children about the bible. They started out as friends and their relationship grew very naturally. I felt very honored to be shooting this wedding considering only clergy members are allowed to marry in this particular church. The ceremony was very formal, and there is something beautiful about watching tradition unfold before your very eyes. Mary Beth was very smart to incorporate the red and gold from the holiday season into her wedding. It was held in the “winter season” but living in southern California we don’t get much a winter out here it’s fun to pretend. This wedding moved me. The moment before the ceremony when all of the women gathered around the bride to pray and bless her was so touching to me- I will not soon forget it. I wish these two all the love and happiness in the world, and I know their love will last a lifetime. Here are a few photos from their day…

Favorite moment from this wedding: Before the ceremony, all of the women in Mary Beth’s bridal party gathered around her to pray for her and bless her wedding. Each of them stood in a circle around her and placed one hand on her shoulder. They took turns saying a blessing and sharing a sweet story about her and their friendship. I was able to see what a wonderful support system she has in her life, it was beautiful.

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Location: Grace Lutheran Church, San Diego

Colors: Red, gold, white

Theme: Winter, seasonal wedding

Cake/ Catering: Terry Meihaus

Menswear: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: Twin Oaks Florist

Photographer: MKL IMAGES