Tina and Ryan Swanky Engagement Session |JRDN Restaurant Pacific Beach

I honestly LOVED this engagement session! Tina is a small town beauty from Ohio with a huge heart, Ryan is a handsome helicopter pilot…pretty much the dream couple. When I first laid eyes on these two I was blown away by their stunningly good looks, by the end of the day I was blown always by how down to earth and sweet they both are. Tina and Ryan had a wonderful idea for their photos (actually Ryan is not shy and will tell you it was all his idea!) they had their first date AND got engaged at the swanky JRDN Restaurant in Pacific Beach, California. Tina wore a sparkly gold down and Ryan looked dapper in a suit fit for James Bond. They shared a laugh and a cocktail while I got down to business with all this beauty. A big thanks to the restaurant for letting us into the dining area before any customers were allowed in. After drinks, Tina and Ryan change into their beach gear and we went down and shot under the Crystal Pier. I wish every session could be like this one- so much fun! Check out their wedding- it’s on the blog! 

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