Cinthia and Ian chose to tie the knot on the gorgeous grounds of Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos California. The day couldn’t have been more perfect! Cinthia or (Cindy) chose a soft, pastel color palate of mint green and blush. The guys wore snazzy navy blue suits, and who doesn’t love that floral tie?! Such a cool modern twist on a classic look. This was quite a bridal party- the boys were fun, outgoing, and never short jokes and pranks to mess with each other. I love a good group of boisterous groomsmen- they got the party going hard by the end of the night! Cindy and Ian made this wedding a true family affair and their handsome young sons accompanied Cindy as she walked down the isle. No one could’ve ever guess Cindy was a mom right?! She is so beautiful and I am so happy for the these two. The way they looked at each other throughout the day is something I won’t forget. You could see such a strong family foundation and friendship between the two, they even got low down on the dance floor dancing to hip hop- how freaking great is that?! I wish Cindy and Ian so much love and happiness in their future together- they are a happy couple, great parents, and now newlyweds! Congrats to them!




Bridesmaids Dresses:


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