Pitchouline Events Wedding | Fallbrook Wedding Photographer

This stunning same-sex wedding commenced at Pitchouline Events in Fallbrook, California. From the amazing backless dresses and strappy shoes, to the incredible floral arrangements, this wedding was nothing short of magical. A photographer’s dream come true.

The ladies chose a color palette consisting of rich earth tones. The colors were ideal for an outdoor setting because they blended into the landscape perfectly. Bohemian rugs were arranged throughout, giving off all the homey feels. One of my favorite elements was the triangle arch; It added a modern and powerful touch.  The ceremony was heartfelt and emotional. Concluding with an exchange of rings, the couple were then wrapped in a Native American “warming” blanket. After that, the guests sipped on signature cocktails and feasted on gourmet wood fire pizza. A live band strummed original tunes whilst the sun set over this incredible day.

In Sally’s own words, “it was just crazy how everything felt so warm and fluid and easy. We were able to just focus on our connection and the celebration of our marriage/” Sally just so happens to be one of my oldest friends. We’ve been through so much together and i’m so honored to document this new chapter of her life. I just recently met Danyelle, but already she feels like an old friend. The love was palpable and all who witnessed this day will not soon forget it. Cheers to the newlyweds, I love you both so much.

Vendors that made this day possible:

Location https://www.pitchouline.com/

Florals: http://brandinicolefloraldesigner.com/

Catering: https://www.urbnnorthpark.com/

Coordination: cecily@pitchouline.com

Rentals: https://www.thesippingypsy.com/

Hair and Make up: http://www.atoasttobeauty.com/

Live music: https://dulaneyandcompany.net/






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