Great Gatsby Inspired Luxury Wedding at The U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego

Marisa and Chris are luxury lovers, so it’s no surprise their wedding was filled with extravagant details and sprinkled with feathers and diamonds. Marisa was a graduate of USD, so when deciding where to have the ceremony she immediately thought of the opulent Immaculata Church located on the University of San Diego campus. This is a quintessential San Diego couple- we did their engagement session in Balboa Park (another one of Marisa’s fav spots) Chris is very outgoing and goofy, while Marisa is a bit more reserved and detail oriented. They balance each other out perfectly! They share a love of all the finer things in life AND their adorable little dog Phoebe! She accompanied us on their engagement shoot as well- they wanted to make sure an incorporate her into their photos because she is such a key part of their lives and relationship. She even waited patiently on the bed in their suite while they danced the night away in the ballroom downstairs at the reception 🙂 Love these two and kudos to them for such a FAB wedding!

Hotel: U.S. Grant Hotel SD

Florist: Adorations

Cake: FAB Cakes SD

Dress: Here Comes The Bride

Tux: Friar Tux


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