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I am a Fallbrook wedding photographer. I  also love photographing weddings at the Grand Tradition in Fallbrook This beautiful wedding was straight out of a fairytale. From the delicate pastel flowers, speckled with succulents, to the princess gown Becca picked to walk down the aisle, this day was nothing short of magical.

Becca and Daniel thought of everything for their special day. Every detail was intentional and gorgeous. They were such a sweet couple, would you believe Becca took the time on her wedding day to stop and get ME coffee on her way to the venue? I swear I end up with the best couple’s ever! They both have such big hearts and the love everyone was feeling during the day was infectious.

Becca looked like an absolute queen for her wedding day, and Daniel made the perfect prince charming. Although this venue actually reminds me of being at Disneyland because everything is perfectly manicured and makes you feel like you’ve just stepped into a storybook. Even down to the horse and carriage stroll up to the aisle, for instance, Becca was a princess.

Everyone’s mouth dropped when they saw her step out of that carriage. She was straight rocking princess status. I want to wish Becca and Daniel the very very best on this new journey they are embarking. Because when you witness raw love in true form, it stays with you. This wedding will be with me forever, i’m so honored to have been a party of such a sweet love story.

The The Grand Tradition

Wallflower Gals

Cyreeta Farrell (the style lounge)

David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal

Men’s Wearhouse



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