A Lovely Fallbrook Wedding

Oh how I love being a Fallbrook wedding photographer! I get to spend time with the coolest people and attend the best weddings! Caitlin and Isaac had originally planned to have their wedding at another venue in the area, but after Covid-19 hit, their plans had to change. With all of the snowballing guidelines and restrictions they didn’t know when they would ever be able to set a date and have it stick. They decided to have their wedding in the backyard of their newly purchased home.. With friends and family cheering them on, they tied the knot in a charming and romantic setting.

Caitlin and her family spent countless hours getting the house ready for the wedding. All her closest buds chipped in to make her day special. I couldn’t believe every detail had been thought out and executed to perfection! I think that this lady could have a great future as a wedding coordinator if she ever saw fit. Y’all she even did her own flowers! Isaac is just the sweetest guy and you can see how much he cares for Caitlin by the way that he looks at her. Friends and family spoke about how sweet he was a kid- not much has changed I guess. I’m so honored to have been there to witness such a wonderful day for my new friends. I wish them nothing less than everything in their future together! Cheers!

Catering: https://firehouseqnb.square.site/


Cake: http://eleganceondisplay.com/