Catamaran Hotel | San Diego Beach Wedding

Melissa and Scott are living proof that an online dating site can actually work! They met online and fell in love shortly after- Scott is a captain, so where else would they choose to have their reception besides on the high seas! The ceremony took place on the warm sands of the San Diego bay- the only backdrop needed was our inviting crystal ocean (it was a hot one, I really wanted to take a dip) Scott and Melissa  surprised their guests with tickets aboard the William D. Evans Steamboat. They had the steamboat pull up and stroll by during the ceremony with guests unknowingly gazing upon their evening ride! Everyone was so surprised and had the best time cruising, drinking and dancing the night away! Melissa put together a lovely day with beautiful views, great smelling florals, and an outstanding party. The stained glass ceiling on the boat took my breath away when I first saw it- just a total show stopper! I’m so truly happy that these two found each other and can finally set sail on their journey off into the San Diego sunset. Hats off to then both for a truly unique adventure!

Head Coordinator – Laura Crouch – Events With Laura

Ceremony Location: Catamaran Hotel

Catamaran Hotel Event Mgr – Amber Lighty

Cocktail Hour/Reception Location: William D. Evans Boat at Bahia Resort Hotel

Bahia Resort Hotel Banquet Mgr – Holly Nelson

Florist – Sherif Guirguis – Fresh Cut Flowers

Hair & Makeup – Sarah Ankerman – Beauty By Sarah

DJ – Brandon Weisman – DJ Rooster

Live Music – Rheanna Downey

Photographer – Mary – MKL Images

Cake – French Gourmet

Ceremony Floral & Décor – Patrick Higgins – Artistic Florals

Reception Linens – Rosalinda – Event Elements

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