Allison and Kyle’s Rustic Chic Engagement Session | Camp Pendleton

As soon as Allison and I first chatted, I knew she was going to be a total dreamy client. When I first set eyes on her in that white fluffy skirt, I thought she could quite possibly be a new best friend. Allison and Kyle were so much fun to work with on this Camp Pendleton engagement session. I think you can really see how amazing they are as a couple through these photos. Not only is Allison a total bombshell, but she’s super outgoing and silly as well. Kyle is in the military, with a sweet and charming disposition. I can tell these two are madly in love. I loved her location for this shoot. She chose and old barn in Camp Pendleton, San Diego. I was very impressed with her rustic chic style.

Ally wore a jean button down shirt with that ultra fabulous white tulle skirt. Kyle wore jeans and a red flannel, which complimented Allison’s bright red lips. You can tell she really knows her fashion. They even brought along their dog to the shoot. As a dog lover myself, I couldn’t be happier about that.  Check out how cute their dog’s little sign was, “My humans are getting married.” How adorable is that?

I got to capture a beautiful love story on a perfect southern California day. And with the sweetest clients ever, does life get any better than this?  This shoot left me on cloud nine. Congrats to my new friends Kyle and Allison, Cheers! xx

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